every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

A few years ago, we made faces. It was good stuff. So Mom and Dad decided it was time to make faces again. It was even more good stuff. I think a third time is in order one day, yes friends? XOXO,

Years ago, I moved to PA rented a tiny house with a good friend and met these super cool neighbors… who were about to have a baby boy. Fast forward to seventeen years later those super cool neighbors now had four super cool kids and they wanted me to photograph the super coolness of their […]

Within seconds of stepping foot into their Fleetwood, PA, backyard These three boys had me giggling about minions, farts, and bodily functions… It was perfect They made me smile from ear to ear and I was able to make something for their incredible Mommy to reminder her of how fantastic it is being the Mother […]

Big brother Little brother Big hearts Little tears (sometimes) Big love between them… Nothing little about that. Faces sessions are all the rage! Book yours today! XoXo,