every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

Listening is an Art

August 9, 2017

I picked up this book at my favorite bookstore yesterday, during one of my favorite practices: the one I call “go where the heart leads.” I roam the store and touch the spines of the books until I land on the one that speaks. This one sang yesterday and I can’t put it down. Listening […]

  Until we as women believe in ourselves, until we value the space we take up in the world, our creativity will remain stuck or, even worse, buried. What’s getting in the way of you living your most authentic and creative life? We believe by getting curious, we can support one another in exploring the […]

Go Make It.

February 25, 2016

The world needs what you need to make. We are all born creators. What we have to say, matters. The letter to a friend you’ve been meaning to write, write it. The coloring book you bought to color in, open it. The dance party you’ve been wanting to have in your kitchen, do it. The […]