every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

Answered Prayers

July 30, 2018

Two years ago, a sweet couple we had prayed for came into our lives as names, but not yet faces. They were the ones God chose to carry on the legacy of love and devotion in our beloved stone home. They were the ones He knew would later become our dear friends. They were the […]

Colorful Charlie

January 22, 2018

On a blustery day we met outside the Crayola Factory. First we made music. Then stopped for some quick photos with Mommy. With a wee bit of goofiness after that… And finally we danced with crayons! As always Charlie, you brighten my days! XOXO,

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” This has been a favorite quote of mine since the moment I heard it, as darkness, while holding value in our lives, always ends in light, and light is always there. As a Mama, I love to be the one behind my kiddos, watching […]

This group of cousins always finds a way to make the most of their time together. There’s usually goofiness There’s always laughter There may be some pouting And there is a never ending supply of love. Till next time friends, thanks for the time and the laughter! XOXO,