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Jane Ammon

Mama, Doggie and Me

September 13, 2018

She has several great loves, being silly, her Mama, and her puppy… Until next time my sweet friend! XOXO,

It’s really simple, you see First you get into the creek Then you get ready to say “cheese” Then you dance, dance, dance! As always, I adore dancing with you sweet girl! XOXO,

He’s the kind of big brother to this sassy yet sweet girl that will forever hold her hand. Thanks for reminding me of what is good in the world, XOXO,

We met in the brook I used to spend hours in as a child. The girls picked wildflowers. We made magic with light. And hair flips… Sister hugs happened… As well as some splashing too! Thanks for the magical night friends, XOXO,