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Jane Ammon

Go Make It.

February 25, 2016

The world needs what you need to make.
We are all born creators.
What we have to say, matters.

The letter to a friend you’ve been meaning to write, write it.
The coloring book you bought to color in, open it.
The dance party you’ve been wanting to have in your kitchen, do it.
The recipe you’ve been thinking of creating, turn on the stove.
The song you have always wanted to sing out loud, sing it.
The crafting class you have been eyeing up, sign up for it.
The journal you’ve been dreaming of writing in, pick up the pen.
The book you’ve been wanting to write, it’s time.
The photograph you’ve always wanted to make, take it.
The painting you’ve visualizing in your mind, grab the brush.
The thing you’ve wanted to make, honor it.

What you need to make, needs to be made.
It’s why you keep hearing it call you.
There’s never a perfect time or a perfect place.
There is only you. Your time, your place and
most importantly, your voice.
The world needs, you.
Go make it.create what you need to make


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