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Jane Ammon

Answered Prayers

July 30, 2018

Two years ago, a sweet couple we had prayed for came into our lives as names, but not yet faces. They were the ones God chose to carry on the legacy of love and devotion in our beloved stone home. They were the ones He knew would later become our dear friends. They were the […]

All because of them, I got in my car, set up some podcasts and drove across the great state of Pennsylvania. These brothers that made me laugh. These brothers that laughed with each other. These brothers that found joy in a treehouse and each other. All because of the love created by these two. It […]

I big puffy heart teenagers. They make me smile with their willingness to sit for photos and then check the scores of the football game 😉 Until next year buddy ! XOXO,

She’d been wanting to do these photos for a few years now, so when our day finally came, I felt so much joy for this gorgeous Mama of two. For her, the word family is synonymous with connection And her loves, well, they are treasures. It was an honor to finally be able to make […]