every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

Elegance, is her. Intellect, is her. Perservance, is her. Mystery is her. Success, is hers. Thanks for this honor gorgeous soul, XOXO,

Their Mama has an album she shares on Facebook titled “They Make My Heart Smile” So basically, I do not even have to try to write about their incredible souls… Because their Mama speaks all the truth… it’s in their everyday right now, love. As always you boys fill my cup… XOXO,    

The Story of My Right Now

September 27, 2017

This is my friend, Calvin and this is a portrait of him and the story of his incredible right now. Though, there’s more to tell you. It’s also a portrait of me. You see, over a year ago I heard a call to bring my work back to the heart of what I know is […]

We met at Grounds For Sculpture Our tour guide had a plan for us She even knew which way to go! Our tour included mystery doors kisses for Mommy some screaming 😉 some wandering freely visiting with a peacock stopping to write a letter and a quiet moment to remember Aunt Dee… As always my […]