every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

We met in the brook I used to spend hours in as a child. The girls picked wildflowers. We made magic with light. And hair flips… Sister hugs happened… As well as some splashing too! Thanks for the magical night friends, XOXO,

A simple wedding, she said. Just us, our children, our family and our closest friends.. We found a small spot in the woods to be married… A simple and short ceremony…. And maybe some images of our amazing kids too? For you, beautiful bride? Anything. Thank you for including me in your simply perfect day […]

We both fell into being professors, through simple fate. So when she asked me to do her head shots, I could not wait! For we both share a deep love for our students, writing, connection and simplicity.   Thanks for choosing me, kindred spirit! XOXO,

Simply Theatrical

August 20, 2018

She has big dreams of being on stage, so we made images to show the world what a STAR she already is. Break a Leg Kiddo,