every one can be heard

Jane Ammon

Friends, there’s a deep sense of intimacy with ones self we must explore in order to live authentically and ultimately to make art from our heart and I want to share my experience with you. I started making self portraits soon after I picked up a digital camera for the first time. What was, at […]

“I’m not sure this will work…” her Mama said. Oh, I’m sure. I replied. Not gonna lie, I love when I’m right. XOXO, Looking to book a creek session for spring? Email me!

They had only met for the first time a few days before our meeting… Though, by the looks of things, that really didn’t matter. Looking to do your own cousins session? Email me!   

I love my freckles. Each spot is kiss of light. I love my marriage. It is my most sacred relationship. I love coffee. Like. A lot. I love the feeling of grass on my toes. It grounds me. I love Jesus. That dude gets me. I love my electric blanket. Always on high. I love […]