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Jane Ammon

The Answer

May 22, 2017

“How much do you weigh?” Goodness, I’ve heard that question so many times in my life. No one is afraid to ask the skinny girl, about her weight, for society says that’s not taboo. {I do.} I weighed myself today. My pants felt loose, leading me to the back of the closet where the scale […]

I’ve known them for a few years now, they’ve become happy hooks into my heart. We always make the most amazing memories together, for the light loves all of them. Though, with this family? My favorites are always the imperfectly perfect blurry and throw my head back in laughter moments. Thanks for helping me see […]

Grace Bats Last

April 9, 2017

We were bickering as we walked out to the car in the parking lot, both of us had shoulders up to our ears, tense with frustration. Each step was complimented with a nasty retort from one of us. It was ugly. I mean, U.G.L.Y. At one point, I made a snide comment I’m still not […]

We wanted to be warm, so we went to Ott’s Greenhouse… though with these two and their parents? Warmth has nothing to do with temperature. It’s about giggles. And snuggles. And dancing. And connection. And wandering. And joy, in the warmth of them. Thanks for warming my heart as always friends,