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Jane Ammon

Find Your Gift. {Child Photographer Who Listens}

May 29, 2014

“This is your journey, your battle.
Be brave. Find your gift.
Use it to save what you love.”
~from ‘Son’ by Lois Lowry~

There was a point that night
I remembered the advice
someone gave me before my own wedding
“Stop. Look around. Take it all in.”

So I did.
It was beautifully silent
as I breathed in
What a dream come true looks like.

The Clothes They Came To Us In Gallery

Fifteen of the Thirty children came that night.

I watched their faces light up
when they saw the written story being told
of WHO they are
of WHO they have yet to become

The Clothes They Came To Us In Gallery

It was everything I had envisioned
when I first muttered the words
“I have an idea.”

Beautiful souls,
photographed next to the clothes
that are a small, yet profound, piece
in the story of WHO they are
celebrating how far they’ve come
embracing how they have put bright light into the world

The Clothes They Came To Us In Gallery

For me, it was a night of rejoicing
in how being heard
gives all children permission
to listen to themselves.

The Clothes They Came To Us In Gallery

Forever grateful
that using my gift
gives me permission
to be brave and save what I love

Jane Ammon Photographer


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